Christian Role Models for LGBT Equality

Stonewall, September 23, 2015
Religion is often the most sticky of these to reconcile. Some will say that LGBT people cannot possibly exist in faith communities; that faith communities do not accept same-sex relationships or those who transition; that LGBT people can be ‘cured’. And of course these beliefs can, and do, exist. As a result, there are many LGBT people who reject their faith or feel an ever widening chasm between two parts of their core identity.
However, there are also many religious communities, groups and places of worship where these beliefs do not exist. This book focuses on the experiences of Christians from across the world. Their backgrounds and religious traditions are all different: some are priests, some are in relationships, some have been imprisoned.
Some of the people in this book identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans, and others are the staunchest of allies. But what they all share is a belief that God is love and acceptance. The people in this book come from 15 countries spread across six continents. In 12 of those countries, LGBT people are not protected under the law. When we began this project, our intention was to share the stories and experiences of a diverse range of participants, in order to demonstrate how the experiences of LGBT people of faith and their allies may differ, but also contain striking similarities.